Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Anarchists' Notebook

Well, no development is good development.

No more churches getting burned. Well, to be fair, they were not burned to the ground. Just scorched walls. And no one is dead. Yet. And for that, we are thankful.

The arsonists were too stupid. First, they got some wrong churches. It's the Catholics who want to use the name Allah, you dumbasses! Not the Protestants.

And like I said, Molotov Cocktails are only for people. It's a personnel incendiary bomb. If you want to destroy buildings, you need something with a bigger bang.

My recommendation: nitro-glycerine. Basically, dynamite. It is so reactive, though, that you might just blow yourself up when you try to make it. Which is good news for everyone.

Terrorism without knowledge is just plain stupid.

Next time you want to blow up something, come to uncle Amir.

The arsonists were stupid. And all the people commenting on the issue are also equally stupid.

All they do is fan the fire. For what? So that one day, people will die? I know enough about religion to realise that it is grounds for murder. You don't mess with religion. Any religion.

Think about it. People who are otherwise so rational suddenly believes in a talking snake. THAT's what you're dealing with.

And then, there are atheists. Oooohhh, I hate atheists.

Some background information. Atheism is a religion in worship of the Great Atheismo. They believe that Atheismo created the world in three billion years, resting for the last billion years or so.

The Atheists believe they know what happens after you die. How dare they? How would anyone know what happens after you die? Are they dead? They do not have mental powers you and I do not have. They are so fucking arrogant. They threaten our egos, and our egos must retaliate by killing all Atheists!

Kill all Atheists! Those Atheismo cock-sucking motherfuckers must be hated on and destroyed!

Why? For fun, really. When you de-humanise people, it is easy to kill them in cold-blood. Any reason to par-tay!


Fuck Atheismo. Atheismo can kiss my ass. Toss my salad, motherfucker!