Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Middle Earth

I am bothered by my parents and my quitting smoking. So I need to take my mind of it and focus on something lighter and more frivolous.

So I'm gonna talk about Majority Malaysia. Not Middle Malaysia.

Some people might make the mistake of thinking that most Malaysians are middle-class. They believe in the bell-shaped curve. SOME poor people, some wealthy, with most in the middle class, right?

This is naive thinking. The bell-shaped curve can be applied, yes, but not in any easy-to-formulate limits and brackets. No easy Y-axis or X-axis.
I mean, the FTUW (Fuck the Urbanites for the Win!) Ministry came up with 10.4 million Malaysians living with less than RM3K per month. Many of these, I bet, are making less than 1K.

I believe that a significant number of Malaysians are poor. Poor, as in, less than 1K per month, per household. Not enough to be the majority, but say, I dunno. Seven million.

Seven million Malaysians make less than 1K per month. How do I know this? Magic. I pulled the figure out of the same ass that people who think middle Malaysia is made up of middle-class Malaysians.

This is a problem. Say, pulling from the hypothetical ass this breakdown:

Malaysia has 28 million citizens.

SAY half is the workforce. That's 14 million.:

10.4 million make less than 3K a month.

3 million make between 3K and 8K a month.

600K make more than 8K.

Where is Middle Malaysia?

If you're going for the middle 3 million, you are a fool.

The problem with Malaysia has always been the majority's not a big enough majority, and minorities are not really minorities.

Otherwise, politicians like the Lims can just focus either on the majority or on a collection of minorities. Their 'all-inclusive' Middle Malaysia is naive at best, and greedy at worst. Greedy cause the middle class can give more donations.

The real Middle Malaysia lies in the 10.4 million poor people. Malaysians are mostly poor. Even though SOME PEOPLE claim to have eradicated poverty in Penang in just one year, there are still 10.4 million poor people.

People like to focus on money and spending power. But come election time, 10.4 million people is 10.4 million votes. From the poor.

And it doesn't matter how fashionable your latte is, or your Toyota Camry is (for Nizar) or your Harrier is (for UMNO fucktards). The poor people - the real middle Malaysia - will either vote their pain and suffering in, or they will come and kill you. They will kill us all.

For, when you've got nothing to lose, who the fuck gives a shit?