Friday, January 15, 2010

The Faith and Moral Teachings of Neytiri of Pandora

What a week. I woke up today, feeling physically drained. I have been tired for a number of weeks now. Cut off from the source of all power - Thailand - I took all the lessons learned from that place and lived a much better life than I ever did.

Truth. Humility. Compassion. Respect.

I am a firm believer in The Truth, no matter where that may take me. I am a creature of dreams, and yet I follow The Truth.

A lot of people mistake The Truth for Being Right. Being Right is really unecessary. Most of my depression and despair came from the desire for Being Right.

If you are in line with The Truth, you have no need for Being Right, which is a poisonous state of being.

Humility is knowing - not faking it - that you are neither superior nor inferior than anyone, in essence. While form may be different, essence remains the same. Humans have the advantage of realising that essence, the core of being, is the same all around.

When you realise that there are no levels, that levels are a disease of the mind, an illusion, you start to connect with a lot of things. You have access to Eywa. You don't need an organic USB port.

When you realise that you are not petty or small, you stop being petty and small.

I once put it as, "When I stop looking up to and looking down on people, I start to look around, and find that everyone is there with me. Has always been there with me, on one giant level. The same one. For everyone."

This eliminates hate, bigotry, racism, religious fervour, etc.

The Truth is, life is abundance. There is enough space, enough resources, enough people, enough jobs, enough food for everyone. Sure, the logistics suck ass, but it's there for the taking. It's there for the giving.

Compassion, lies with empathy. I am not the most empathic person ever. Some signals, though, are too big, too bright, to ignore.

If I could, I would live your life for you. Correwnt your 'mistakes', share your glory. But I can't.

Respect. Respect is not, "I respect you!". No. Respect is acknowledgement. An acknowledgement not of the ego, but to the self which is as big as the universe.

As Neytiri would have it, "I see you."

It is not, "I see into you." It is, in fact, empathy. I feel you. I get you. I am with you.

Not your ego. Fuck the ego. You.

And the last thing, I want to fuck Neytiri. I wanna fuck Neytiri's organic USB port. Oh yeah! I wanna put my balls on her face. And suck on her tentacles. I want to play with her tail. And then bite it.