Saturday, January 9, 2010

Make Up Your Goddamned Mind

I was hanging out with friends yesterday, when one of them said, "All this crap would not have gotten out of hand, if the Government had not allowed Catholics to use the word Allah."

I almost choked. "But, that was a court decision."

"I don't care. The Government should have overruled the court."


Rewind a few years ago. These same fuckers were shouting, "Separate the executive from the judiciary! Separate them!"

And now you want them together again? What are you? A woman?

And then, one idiot said, "Najib should not have allowed protests and demonstrations."

AGain, Aik Cheong?

I remember Hindraf. I remember Bersih.

"Freedom of speech!" They said.

And now? No more? Finished already?

"We cannot have one rule for one group of people, and another set of rules for another," said another.

What? Aik Cheong Coffee?

Well, I agree. Where's the Hudud proposal again?