Monday, January 25, 2010

Silence of the Lims: Mediocre Malaysia

After the failure of the extremely vague and perhaps subtly racist Malaysian Malaysia, Lim and The Holograms, I mean, The Lims and DAP have come up with yet another equally vague and perhaps subtly racist concept to shove down the throats of all idiots in Malaysia.

The concept? Middle Malaysia.

Yo, what the fuck does this mean? I Googled it, and all I got was The Lim Dynasty, father and son, attacking BN and UMNO. Is that Middle Malaysia? That's not new.

Okay, so I read some of the articles, and no one has actually defined what the fuck does the concept mean? It's the same bullshit as Malaysian Malaysia.

Malaysian Malaysia was basically, "We wanna be racist, but we wanna be subtle about it, so we're gonna leave this concept vague, but with enough (FAKE) semblance of equality to fool the garden-variety liberals and self-hating Malay apologists while at the same time take MORE money for us and claim it as an equalising whateverthefuck."

Middle Malaysia, according to The Lims, is to make sure everyone takes the middle ground in issues like Allah.

Waitaminute. So, for issues like the name Allah - can it be used by everyone or just the Muslims - what constitutes as middle ground?

Muslims can use Allah from 12 noon Tuesday to Friday?

Muslims take Al, Catholics take lah? What?

What the fuck, man? I mean, there are some things in life, in which there are only black and white. No greys.

Like, you can't be a little bit pregnant.

You can't be a little bit pregnant. You can't!

I see the silence of the Lims as an indication that Middle Malaysia is poised to incite and inspire hatred, envy and racism. Just as Malaysian Malaysia did.

I raise my glass today, in toast to a mediocre Malaysia, a middling country that constantly falls for stupid slogans such as Middle Malaysia.

Suck my dick. I got an appointment, I will write more later.