Saturday, January 9, 2010

Amir Hafizi, Spiritual Icon

Many people came to me for spiritual guidance due to recent events.

Well, luckily, I was also going through some really tough shit recently. The usual stuff. My father's sick and I need to go home soon. Some of my family members also going through some real hardship.

Some of my friends also got slapped with some stuff. As the world's greatest superhero, I feel helpless this time, which makes me really angry.

The only real attitude to adopt in times of hardship is to accept it with no resistance. Unhappiness, anger, hate, all comes from resistance. When you are unhappy, angry, tired, sad, depressed, you can't do things well.

People who say they work well under pressure are lying. The only thing pressure does is shorten deadlines. Even without pressure, if you have a sense of urgency, you can do things fast. I mean, really fast. The speeds you can achieve with a well-developed sense of urgency is amazing.

So fuck pain and suffering. Hate, anger, sadness are all stupid emotions that make you stupid. The worst of all this is righteous indignation. When I am filled with righteous indignation, I usually pick a few close friends and let off some steam. I don't bring it to work or in my normal everyday life. I find it counter-productive and well, stupid.

No resistance. Acceptance. And then, make your moves. Make it work.

Know for a fact that what people think means nothing to your self. It means everything to perhaps your work or your whatever, but it doesn't affect you. Opinions do not change facts.

And then, there is this thing about competition. Who is right, who is better - this religion or that.

While you can differentiate between form, there is no distinction in essence.

Example: Usain Bolt's and Jessica Alba's forms are better than mine. But in essence, are they better people? Who can judge? No one. Because no one has mental powers you don't.

No one in this universe can say, with absolute, 100% certainty, that this thing or that thing will happen. For sure.

No one knows what will happen after we die. Those who say they do are trying to pass off as God. So fuck 'em.

Now, give me money, goddamnit! Give me a few million bucks. You want to give me money, don't you, bitch?