Monday, January 25, 2010


You know what I hate? When people say to me, in defence of some racist, lying motherfucker, "Oh, everyone's racist." Or "Everybody lies."

So what if everybody lies? Imma still call you a liar.

And everyone's a racist? You calling me a racist, you fucking gook? I kick your fucking chink ass motherfucker, motherfucker.

The point is, so what if everybody's say, worshipping some talking snake in the sky? Just because everyone's doing something doesn't mean we have to do it too. What are we? A pack of stampeding bison?

I mean, If everyone's fucking Jessica Alba, I'd go and get some too. But if everyone's fucking Sophia Loren, I'm locking mah doors, 'aight?

Saying that everybody's racist and that everybody's lying is also saying two things:

1. I (I being the guy/slut who said the sentence) am a fucking liar, and I am a fucking racist.

2. I am JUDGING you, assuming that you are a fucking liar and that you are a RACIST.

I don't give a shit, but calling somebody a racist is a big thing. It's a huge insult. For example, the sentence:

Lee Kuan Ying is a racist bastard.

In this sentence, it is implied that not only is the person named Lee Kuan Ying is a bastard, but above all else, he is a fucking racist as well.

Now, that was just an example. People named Lee Kuan Ying are NOT racists.

Now, whenever someone says to you, "Everyone's racist", he is basically saying, "Lee Kuan Ying is a racist bastard. And YOU are like Lee Kuan Ying as well."

I will not be mentioned in the same breath as Lee Kuan Ying. My ego disallows such a thing.

Okay. AM blacking out now. Fainting. Oh, the title.