Friday, January 8, 2010

Religulous: Need a Light?

Four churches burned!

Man, oh man.

You know who is the culprit? The ego.

First of all, the ego drove all those stupid publishers to claim the right to use the name 'Allah'. When it is clear, if you walk into any church in the US or Europe, and start praying loudly to the Father Allah, the Son Allah and the Holy Allah, people will kick you out and think you're a terrorist.

The Pope in the Vatican will say, "Fuck that terrorist motherfucker!" if you just mention 'Allah'.

But the high and mighty holinesses in Malaysia want to use 'Allah'. Why? Not for religious reasons. Don't give me that bullshit.

In my opinion, it is about marketing. Branding. Islam, being the national religion in this country, gets a budget to preach to the unconverted. One of the main campaigns? Allah.

So, these idiots were hoping to piggy back on that. Makes it easier to convert the ones sitting on the fence.

"They say that Allah is great, well, we have Allah too!"

It's like AMD carrying the 'Intel Inside' logo. Can you dig it?

Well, they ran into another big ego - the Islam extremists.

I grew up with these people, dogg. You do not, EVER, mess with their religion. Because that's the only thing they think they have. They don't have money. They don't have good jobs. Some, don't even have food. All they have, is religion. All they have, is Allah. At least, that's what they think.

And you want to take their 'Allah' from them? Are you fucking out of your mind? Fuck you!

Now, see what happens? See what happens!

Two egos collide, friction, sparks, and burn, baby burn.

I really hope they all turn the other cheek. And forgive the arsonists - whoever they may be (maybe some rempits, and not extremists? I dunno. Nobody knows) - for they know not what they do.

Instead of being Christian, you might need to be Christ-like.

And Buddhists! Buddhists stay the fuck away from this shit! You know better.

And moderate Muslims, you better stay the fuck away. Don't feel guilty, you didn't burn the fucking churches down. Don't feel good and start to party, this is not a good thing. Not something to party to.

Everyone just calm the fuck down. I am watching Avatar tonight, so I don't want any riots on my way to the cinemas.

Religion? Gooood, gooood. This is how good religion is. Fuck you.