Saturday, January 9, 2010

Love, All

There is an old sketch. A Gado-Gado sketch. Now, Gado-Gado was my favourite local TV variety show. It had Harun Salim Bachik in it, Ebby Yus, Ebby Saiful and a few others. I don't remember them all. Abon was one of them too, I think.

This sketch had two tennis players, and one umpire. The umpire said, "Love, all!"

So the tennis players go to the net, and start hugging each other.

The umpire comes, and he has a stern look on his face. He taps on the shoulders of one of the players, and he breaks the hug. The umpire then hugs everyone.

Funny as hell. Malaysian TV at its best. A simple idea, with the best of all possible executions.

I laughed like shit. I was 9 years old.

Nowadays, when people talk about love, they think about fucking. Well, yes, love is fucking. But if you can't achieve the kind of fucking that Thais do, shut the fuck up.

Having seen the best fucking can offer, I am not affected by any attempts to cock-tease me into submission. Seven Positions of Buddha, anyone?

When I think of love, the word 'love', I think of tennis, and that old Gado-Gado sketch.

I wish, that people can focus on love - tennis-love or even fucking-love, rather than hate.