Saturday, January 30, 2010

I Should Start a Motivational Scam (ISSMS): Superstition

I have superstitions. I believe in some superstitions.

My superstitious thing is simple. If you source for something, that is exactly what you're going to get.

For example, I love my Blackberry. Any Blackberry I have, I love it. Love it, love it, love it.

Then, I found myself with TWO Blackberrys. Love it, love it, love it. Then, I am now holding THREE Blackberrys. THREE! THREE Blackberrys, my God!

I am returning one of them, because two is enough for me.

I believe that if my emotions are in-line with a particular thing, that thing will happen.

There is a danger, though. I can't focus on hate. Because what it gives, is not a THING, like a Blackberry. It's a feeling.

A friend of mine, a few years back, was very worried and suspicious about people stealing his car. One day, he was so incapacitated by his brain that he forgot to lock it. When he remembered, a few hours later, the car was gone.

I love Blackberrys, so what I get is more of that feeling. Whatever needs to happen in the physical world, happens. The world will shift and transform to give me more of what I am feeling.

It's magic.

If I hate someone, then I will get more reasons to hate them, or feel a more intense hate. That's why, every day, I sit down and cleanse myself of any hate. It works, for most things. And for most people.

I STILL hate fax machines. Just the other day, the fax machine worked and got me lots of faxes. Then, when I needed to send something, it broke down. I FUCKING HATE FAX MACHINES!

I hate judgmental stupids, so more judgmental stupids come to make me hate them even more.

It's about focus.

So today, I went out and had lunch with a pretty girl. Soon, I will be with my friends and family, spending an evening together. I don't have to focus on judgmental, competitive stupids.

You fucktards are out of my life. So go fuck yourself. I refuse to source for stupids. I no see you.

I focus on things like, orgasms. Making money. And my Blackberrys.