Saturday, January 9, 2010

I Told You So

Been reading blogs and forums. About the church-buring things, and I must say this: FUCK CONDEMNING.

Yo, what the fuck is this condemning bullshit?

"We condemn this act of arson."

So? It's like me, walking around in Pantai Dalam, and seeing a big ass billboard saying, "Stop Rape".

Oh yeah, man, I was about to rape that anak makcik nasi lemak, when I saw the billboard, and now I am going to stop raping her.

The UN has condemned the killing of Palestinians by the Israelis for 65 million years. And? Did the killing stop? No.

"Ooh, they're killing people. What should we do? I know! Let's write a strongly-worded letter!"

Fuck you.

You think those people who threw the Molotov Cocktails are 3 years old?

"No no no, we don't agree with you throwing the food on the floor. Naughty naughty!"

Suck my dick. People who want to condemn this act can suck my dick.

I told all of you motherfuckers years ago. If you want to save the world, give me money. Make me a millionaire. I just need RM2 million. If you had given me RM2 million, all this bullshit would not have happened.

You're all so fucking stupid.

Now look what happens? I CONDEMN you! I don't see you! Bitches!