Monday, January 25, 2010

Malaysia Menthol Lights

So Uncle Najib has 1Malaysia, and The Lims have Middle Malaysia.

Since Malaysia's greatest strength is coming up with middling slogans, I would like to propose one of my own:

Malaysia Menthol Lights - for the 'liberals' who constantly talk about 'old London vs new London'. Or hot chocolate. As in, 'where's the best hot chocolate you've ever had? Piccadilly Station?'They claim to be Malaysians, but are whiter than white - as in race AND nationality. They claim to be liberal about everything, but are very intolerant about a lot of things. In general, hypocritical dickheads.

You know what I hate about liberals? They claim to be open to everything, or perhaps a lot of things. One major thing, is freedom of speech.

If you're liberal, you MUST support freedom of speech, right?

So, when Aduka Taruna badmouthed the late Sultan of Johor, where are all the liberals who should be jumping up and down to defend him, huh?

It's freedom of speech, this is YOUR cause.

"I hate you, but I'll defend your right to say it" and shit, right?

Where the fuck are the liberals?

Oh, it's not fashionable? Yasmin Ahmad's death was fashionable for you, izzit? Haiti is fashionable for you, huh?

Fuck you.

I agree with Chris Rock.

Everyone is an idiot. BN people are idiots, PKR people are stupid, PUS people suck and have the collective IQ of a paramecium, DAP people are as smart as the hairs on my ass. Liberals are idiots. The Islams are fools.

Why? Cause, according to Chris Rock, whosoever makes their minds up about an issue before they've heard everything about it, is a fucking fool.

Be. A. Fucking. Person.


Listen to the issues, and THEN make up your mind. I mean, some shit I agree with this side, some shit I agree with that side. Not cause I'm Middle Malaysia.

Example: PR saying the Government system is open for corruption.

I can dig that. I believe that the system is open for misuse and abuse of power.

PR saying BN Government the only part of Government that is corrupt.

Nope, I don't agree with that. Both BN and PR are open for power abuse. Don't give me that bullshit.

Same thing with religion. Race. Whatever.

I dunno, man. I am going to sleep now, cause I don't have any cigarettes.