Saturday, January 30, 2010

I Should Start a Motivational Scam

Some people accuse me of being overly dramatic. That I imagine things. Yeah, I imagine things, that all have turned out to be true.

And then, while accusing me of being dramatic, they start painting a soap opera picture of something that was mostly a 90-second TV commercial.

Oh well. Thank God for idiots. They make me look so good.

A lot of people are still stuck in animal mode. Bleating and mooing all the time. Victim mentality. The thinking that everyone's out to get you. Which leads to spite, hatred and arrogance.

Now, I know arrogance better than anything else in this world. Arrogance, stems from insecurities. The constant need to be on top, to be 'THE ONE'.

For most of my short life here, I was insecure and was plagued with arrogance. Haven't all been bad. The side effect of audacity helped me along.

The problem with arrogance is well, two things:

1. When you are arrogant, you will not be able to learn anything. It is hard to fill a cup that is already full. Your mind will reject any new ideas or viewpoints.

This is a major thing, for me. Sometimes, the only thing that drives me forward is the opportunity to learn and see what as well as where some things will lead to.

2. People. If you are arrogant, you will turn people off.

When I was younger, I would question my father, on why he tolerates the idiots in my village. Why he was civil to all of them, with no exception.

He told me, because we all live in a community. Back then, I thought he was being a coward.

Took me 20 years to get any of that.

See, Buddha says, everything is connected. And they are. Everyone is. The wellbeing of yourself and the society as a whole is linked together.

Example: you might be making a billion dollars a year, but the tensions within the society caused riots. You still have to travel with your family, on hostile terrain, just like everybody else. And be in constant fear.

You might be poor, but things are so good for so many people, they start lending a helping hand.

Everything IS connected. Everyone is linked to each other. Negativity poured on one person will infect others and eventually come back to us. Same thing with positive energy.

We do have control over ourselves. A LOT of control. But to influence the environment around us - now that's power, and a huge, huge responsibility.

Just a word, though. Some people, like to act like animals. I aspire to be human. If I find myself as the farmer, and you as the animal...