Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Second Movie: Magika

Bear with me. I can't bring myself to write about my own movie in the newspaper I work at. So this blog would have to do.

Well, the trailer's out on Youtube. I wrote the script, with Edry KRU.

I must say, judging from the trailer, Edry's a great director. As the main creative thrust behind the movie, he nurtured my script until it is now a full feature movie.

I hope the re-imaginings of local folklore is apparent. Had fun doing this. Maybe one day, they let me re-write Pak Pandir in a movie the way I see him - as Pandita, a genius wayy ahead of his time.

I can't wait to see how he interprets my messing about with local Malaysian folklore. We wrote tons of mythical characters in. A few, I see, are added in later. Some of the original was cut out, I think, as there would be too many people in the movie if they had stayed.

Some lesser known legends and myths such as Kuda Hijau, Petir and Guruh may find their home in another movie I am planning. Maybe I'll finish writing it this year.

I am excited, watching the trailer. MySpy was my first real movie. This sophomore effort, was even more of a blast. I've always loved local legends and folktales. Always wanted to get my hands on rewriting them and reimagining them in a way I thought would work. I mean, my nephews know Spider-Man, The Lord of the Rings, but they never heard of Pak Pandir, Lebai Malang, Pak Kadok, Badang, Bawang Putih, Bawang Merah, Naga Tasik Chini. They have never heard old people like my father tell stories about how Tarzan lived in the ear of a white elephant and cooked Maggi Ayam, on a fire fuelled by elephant ear wax.

I got the chance of a lifetime with Magika.

Oh well. The movie opens very soon, I think. Which is, like, now? Or maybe next month.