Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tales from the Drunk Side: Will It Float?

Let's play David Letterman's most popular game. Willll it flooaaaaattt?!

Okay, so some people are saying that the Government is stupid. They are saying that if you work in the Government, you have the IQ of a sponge.

Okay, fine.

And then, they also say that all this church-burning (and now with a surau thrown in as well) bullshit is a major conspiracy by the Government.

Now, I'm no fan of the Government, but it would take sheer genius to pull off such a thing. The amount of people involved, the coordination, the idea, etc.

So. Decide. Is the Government stupid, or are they fucking geniuses? Help me out here. You can't have it both ways. You can't be 'a little bit pregnant'. Either you are, or you're not.

Then, the ISA issue. At first, it's 'no to ISA'. Now, it's 'ISA the church-burning motherfuckers!'

Eh? Which is it?

After you've decided on that, how about: separating the xecutive and the judiciary? All the liberals are for it, and then, after the church-burning bullshit, they say, "The Government should have overturned the decision! They should have taken stern action!"

Which is it, broseph? Is it total separation, or for the executive to rule over the judiciary?

You know what I see? a nation of lazy ass motherfuckers. Alan Moore (Chaos be Upon Him) said, "If you see something that you believe needs fixing, don't vote in people who say they are going to fix it. Fix it yourself."

You can't change the world. You can only change yourself. And changing yourself, your actions, whatever, is changing the world.

If you ask or tell, or yell, for the Government - any Government - to change according to your whims, you will never, EVER, see any change. Instead, do it yourself.

The Government also includes us as citizens. So if you want to change the Government, just go and do what you think the Government should be doing, but isn't.

For example, eradicate poverty. It doesn't take much, really. Just simple, constant effort. Eradicating poverty might take a few decades or a few centuries.

I tell you, when people have enough food to eat, they will behave better.

And never, EVER, give me that bullshit about education. Education is just another way to blame the Government.

"How can they think about going to school, when they don't even have enough to eat?"

I didn't say that. Prof Diraja Ungku Aziz said that. In the 70s or some shit.

Go back to basics. Start simple. Give them enough food to eat, some clothes, and a shelter. Then, when they're all relaxed and full, get some books in. Then, cheap, simple scholarships.

In the end, education will get them out of poverty. But before they can get education, they need food.

If you really love this country, if you really love your car or your home or your church, eradicate poverty. Not by putting stupid logos on your blog. Nobody cares about those stupid logos.

Do something.

I am envious of churches in Malaysia for having a reliable network of donors and volunteers. If I had that kind of 'salvation army' at my disposal, the kind of funds Calvary Church has, I would have eradicated poverty in Malaysia in less than a decade.