Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Malaysian Dream

I thought that, with all the church-burning and stuff, we need to do what Malaysians do best - come up with a slogan.

A slogan will solve everything.

So I thought of doing, The Malaysian Dream. Cause the way I see it, Malaysians don't dream. Pak Lah slept a lot, in public - for God knows what hours he was pulling behind closed doors. I'll give him that - but he didn't dream of anything. Maybe just nightmares.

Now, The American Dream was never really quantified. A chicken in every pot, two cars in every garage? That's just bullshit.

Having a dream revolving around some THING or person, or even chicken, is stupid. because that's just pure desire.

Towering Malay is a stupid concept. If you tower over everyone else, what the fuck are you gonna do? Play basketball? Change a lightbulb?

You see, the desire for pride, is a dangerous thing. The desire for respect, is a dangerous thing. The desire for more land, space and resources drove the world's nations to destroy and rape the Earth.

Desire is always dangerous.

I hear people saying they have dreams. I ask them, "What dreams do you have?"

"I want a Ferrari."

"Before I'm 30, I'm gonna be a millionaire."

Most of the time, they fail. They are still failing. Where are their Ferraris? Where are their million bucks? They're STILL losers.

A dream, encapsulated by desire, is a poison pill.

That poison works even if you DO get a Ferrari or a million bucks. You'll never be truly satisfied. You'll never be happy.

I know dreams, man. If there's one thing I know, it's dreams. Cause I read comic books where the main character is the anthropomorphic personification of dreams.

His greatest enemy? Desire. For there is a difference. Desire lives in the heart. Dreams exist in sleep. The subconscious.

To have a dream, is not to have a longing, to have a desire, but to have a vision of what you want.

And want, is not the all-consuming American Dream capitalist want. The normal want usually can only be fulfilled with something you take or given to you. It is dependent. Not free. Bound with a lot of conditions.

You know the old, cliched adage of the more you give, the more you have? That's the key to The Malaysian Dream.

Fuck chickens and cars, man. I don't have a car. I like chicken, but anyway.

I think the best dream is the dream of being happy. Happiness does not require anyTHING from anyONE.

For example, there are people who don't like me or are jealous of me. People who HATE me.

You know what I do to those people?

I don't see them. I turn my face from them. They do not exist. If they enter my circle of existence, it will only be for brief moments. I refuse to allow any of them to matter. They are less than human. They are less than organic matter. They are less than shit.

And I do it, not with emotion or any type of hatred. Or spitefulness. To me, they just don't exist. I can act or don't act without any emotion, which can make me extremely cold-blooded.

Who is your God now?

So anyway, a dream that works. A dream that works is a dream of happiness. Nothing, no one can stop you from being happy right now. I'm not talking about tomorrow or yesterday. I'm talking about now. Right now.

I dream of being happy, and I am happy. I live my own dream. I live a dream. And that is happiness.

When you are free of misery and insecurities and spite and jealousy, you can finally be happy.

A simple dream. A simple slogan. As the greatest sloganeer in the world, I think The Malaysian Dream can stop church-burnings and surau attacks.