Saturday, January 9, 2010

Religulous: Avatar, Rempits and Politics

Just finished watching Avatar for the fourth time. In 3D. I want to have sex with Neytiri. I am willing to let go of everything and just live on Pandora, and continuously play with Neytiri's organic USB port.

One thing I noticed, though, is that the Na'vi look like rempits. They ride SOMETHING, and are always impressed with someone on a big bike (the dragon thing).

I don't know if the people who threw the Molotov Cocktails are rempits. No one does. Looks like it, but no one has any concrete evidence.

Some of my non-Muslim friends are crying out for blood. My advice is: be careful what you ask for.

If it was rempits, let me tell you something about them.

Rempits, or anyone making less than 3,000 a month (reportedly over 10 million in Malaysia), are poor people. They have nothing to live for. No money, no food, no job.

People who have nothing, especially those in large numbers, are more inclined to do crazy stunts.

Believe me, I was there. I was making 600 bucks a month, at one time, and I had just myself to feed. I met a lot of people who had families to support at less than that.

Take away their money, their THINGS, and the only place where their ego can expand, the only area where they can find salvation either for real or just a temporary placebo, is perhaps religion.

You mess with their religion, and they will kill you. Because they have nothing left. What, you gonna sue them? Go ahead. Imprison them? They'll be eating better than they ever did. On your dollar. Kill them? When life is so fucked up?

"Oh, don't take it out on us if you're a loser," some would say.

Well, losers will do anything, grasp anything, like a drowning man. I see it happen everyday. In the end, they might drown, but they want to take people down with them. That's the way it is.

If you want to rid the world of this threat, you can't do so by killing people or by shouting how right you are.

You can't kill 10.4 million people. No one has managed to do that. Even Hitler only managed a million or two. Pol Pot is one million.

Moralising or taking the moral high ground will only serve to alienate you from the people. Yeah, you may be right, but you won't solve any problems.

And who is to say anything, if a savvy politician rides on a big bike and convinces the rempits and the have-nots to ride with them, and start killing other people?

This is why I say politicians are dangerous.

Way I see it, in order to better get everyone to behave, give them something to lose. Something precious like a Toyota Camry.

Nizar was fighting tooth and nail, because he was about to lose his Toyota Camry. Damn, those Camrys must be great cars.

So, the solution is simple - eradicate poverty. Make sure everyone earns at least RM4,000 a month. Or lower living standards.

And for people with religion, shut the fuck up. Religion is like asshole. Everyone's got one. And no one wants yours rammed down their throats.