Saturday, January 9, 2010

Barbarians at the Gates

Just because some churches got burned by some as-yet UNKNOWN people, some non-Muslims I know are giving me the stink-eye.

Just because I don't bow my head in shame. I mean, I'm sad that it happened, but I am not ashamed or guilty.

I didn't burn the churches. If I did, it would be to the ground.

See, Molotov Cocktails are good to set fire to people, especially if you add styrofoam or plastic bits into the petrol as it sticks to the skin, not buildings. For buildings, you need something like oh, I don't know. Nitro-glycerine? That's dynamite, created by Alfred Dynamite. I mean, Alfred Nobel.

You see, it's easy to make nitro-glycerine. Soap is basically glycerine + whatever. Heat up soap in water, and you can separate pure glycerine from junk.

Take glycerine, expose it to air, add a catalyst, and you get nitro-glycerine. Dy-no-mite!

Dynamite is basically just nitro-glycerine stabilised by sawdust and clay.

All this information is only half-true. If you want the real recipe, go Google it.

Some people tried to provoke me. I don't give a shit. I know killing is wrong. Most of the time. But you keep on taunting the idiots, the extremists, the losers, and what do you end up with? Who do you become? Idiots as well.

Oh well, man. Not my funeral. Barring any real development, this is my last post on the issue.

And no, fuck the petition. I find petitions useless, and all petitions I have read on the issue immediately accuse or insinuate Muslims as being responsible. I'm not saying no, or yes. We don't know yet.

If a mosque is to be torched today, would people jump to the conclusion that it's Catholic terrorists? No, we're more civilised than that, and we're the barbarians in this one.

Well, I am a barbarian. My ancestors ate barbecued monkey. Am happy that they did.