Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Budd-dynomite! Dynomite!

So I went home last night, and some ninjas jumped out from behind the mailbox.

Ninja1: We will destroy you!

Me: Buddha Punch!

And they all went dead.

Some rempits on EX5s came with Molotov cocktails and threw them at me. I caught two, and started drinking.

Budd-dynomite! Dynomite!

Suddenly, one guy jumped out. Again, from behind the mailbox. I began to check the mailbox, just in case there's a town I didn't notice behind it.

Guy: You! You need to teach me the ways of the Bukkakke!

Me: It is hard to fill a cup that is already full.

Guy: But... my cup is empty.

Me: Buddha KICK!

And I kicked his head into the wall.

Budd-dynomite! Dynomite!

Me: I don't teach idiots.

So I went up to my apartment and immediately stripped. I went to the toilet and took a crap.

Budd-dynomite! Dynomite!