Thursday, January 28, 2010

Day Dunno What

Today, I had five sticks of cigarettes. I think it's four, but I'll throw one in.

It has been a full week since I decided to stop smoking. I haven't really stopped yet, chalking only one day without a single cigarette. My lungs are better since my three-pack a day habit thing.

I notice a difference in my breathing. There is... less mucus. I cough for only perhaps, half an hour today, instead of several hours just coughing.

Work has been good. Spending time indoors mean I don't feel the need to light up cigarettes.

Outside, is another matter.

The true test is when I write my normal load, without cigarettes. I want to see if my productivity or creativity is affected in any way because I have stopped smoking.

I do know one thing, though. I get sleepy early. Pretty soon, I'm gonna turn in.

I am getting over my anger issues with nicotine withdrawal, thought I must regretfully admit that most of that stems from my scheduled smoking to ensure I don't kill people.

I am avoiding most functions and gatherings of people where cigarettes would be readily available.

That, would be Phase 2.