Wednesday, July 1, 2009

LIVE from Bangsar!

Finally! My computer has been assembled. After I put together a fan I got from a hypermarket.

Was planning to buy an air conditioning unit, but the contractor is dilly-dallying and I am beginning to think I won't need an air con unit. Just a standing fan would do.

Getting my stuff from Damansara Heights was not as simple as I thought. First of all, I have accumulated so much stuff, that I might need a 3-tonne lorry next time I move. And probably my next move would be to a townhouse or a landed property. I think that I would need more than 1200sqft of space in order to feel free.

Then, this place is quite old and there are pipes where a lorry can't pass under, making it infinitely more difficult if the lorry can't transform and limbo its way in.

Earlier today, as I was on my way to a birthday party, my okld friend Kamil called me up.

Kamil: Wad 9U, katil blablabla.

Me: What?

Kamil: AKu accident motor. Kat TPM. Orang langgar aku. Baru lepas operate kepala lutut.

Me: EEEeee...

Orthopedic stuff make me queasy. That and loss of blood.

So I ran some errands, and then was at UH to visit Kamil. He's alive, and though at first glance I thought they had cut his legs off, he still has his limbs. Just in pain and relying on morphine.

I think it will be two months AT LEAST before he can walk again.

Physiotherapy could very well last a year. Knees are very troublesome places. Better a quad tear than a kneecap problem. Shoot a guy on the thigh and it's not as painful or as damaging as shotting his kneecaps off.

Man. June 2009 was not a good month. Lots of people got sick, and a few died. It would have been okay if they were bad, pretentious, fake people. But they were good people. Well, at least they're not child-rapists.

Anyway, despite some initial drama and problems, I like this place where I'm staying. It's cosy and there is no one else. There's also a laundry and a convenience store down there, near the management office.

A gym, and a pool, though I plan to resume my Celebrity Fitness regime later this month.

Got lots of work to catch up on, but it will be the weekend at the earliest before I would go full throttle. I am still in settling down mode.