Monday, July 27, 2009

Tapir Hunter: Signal to Noise

Apparently, this Blackberry can reach signals even close to the jungle.

Pretty cool.

Am at a corporate training site high above...the lower bits.

Personally, I hate corporate trainings, but the people I've met seem to enjoy it.

And apparently, according to one mural, being righteous is a good virtue! Hahahahahahaha!

Being righteous all the time can only give you pain and suffering.

Take it from the master.

This place reminds me of 80s marketing practices. Their philosophies.

How business is a state of mind. Blablabla.

Resurrected in the 21st century as part of New Age philosophy. Pop psychology.

Buddha, Krishna, Jesus, Muhammad alongside Tony Buzan.


I've been reading up on them all.

Oh well. Always appreciate more information.

Ah. Somebody just stole my goody bag with a towel inside.

Mmmm...I guess corporate Malaysia is not as lucrative as it was before.

Oh well. If you HAVE to steal a towel, that means you must be doing real bad.

Good luck to you.

Now fuck off and die!