Tuesday, July 7, 2009


One of my friends is currently at UH, trying to get a diagnosis whether or not he has H1N1 Influenza A.

This strain of the flu can only be fought by the body's own immune system, as over-the-counter flu medication only treat the symptoms. Use of anti-viral drugs might mutate the strain and make it more virulent. And over half of the anti-viral drugs sold over the Internet are counterfeit, according to sources.

Influenza A is basically the common flu virus. Except that it is a new strain. A vaccine can only be completed by September 2009, and only in limited quantities. Guess who will get the vaccines first, if any?

So, treatment would be ... lots of fluid? Soups. Hearty broths. Tom Yam. Ice packs to reduce the temperature, just in case some nerve damage occurs to the brain.

Vitamin C to boost the immune system and zinc to help absorb the vitamin. Proper rest.

Spreads via touch. Hopefully not airborne.

Man. Everyone's getting sick. Have to boost up immune systems for all.

In 1918, 40-100 million people died of a similar pandemic. Hopefully, this is just a passing thing. And that each of our immune systems are strong enough to fight it.

I am keeping close tabs on my friend. Hopefully, he has nothing else that could compromise his immune systems.