Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Channeling: Buddha, Yeager and Wally West

Patience in demeanour, urgency in action.

There. Some form of sloganeering.

Like the 'cool in the saddle' way of Chuck Yeager.

You know Chuck Yeager? Pilot. Pilots' pilot. Test pilot, I think. For Northrop, maybe? First man to break the sound barrier, I think.

I read about him in a science fiction book. And then later, in an old edition of Reader's Digest.

The man's a legend. He established the 'kata' of being cool and saying stuff with a southern twang while piloting jetplanes. Fighter planes.

No matter what happens, you be cool...and slightly horny.

That's the Chuck Yeager way.

Buddha Inside. Buddha, Siddharta Gautama, acknowledges that the world is a joke. An illusion. A lie. Instead of fighting it, you accept the fact. And then release yourself from its confines. Nothing is important. Everything is evolving; everything is falling apart.

Wally West is the current Flash. I think. He is so fast that he can go beyond the speed of light and enter the Speed Force, which is a realm that is beyond the speed of light speedsters have access to.

Combine the three, and you get Getter Robo.

Stonerrrrr Sunnnnnn Shiiiiiiiiinnnnnnneeee!