Saturday, July 25, 2009

Tapir Hunter: Nasi Ambank

Guess what I'm having for dinner?

I guess I need to complete my tribal experience by having Nasi Ambank. I wonder why Maybank or Public Bank don't have their own dish?

According to our makeshift host, Nasi Ambank promotes close relationship amongst people.

"Ah," said I. "Like in a Jewish Kibbutz."

Fortunately, they were not really listening to me - the strange Chinese-looking dude with a Malay name and Jewish sensibilities.

In this group, it's all about who is loudest and I am happy to slip silently by, taking my photos in stealth mode.

I would rise to the occassional tease and rowdy loud joking, as I am not as awkward as I was with people years ago.

However, I am more of a lonely traveller. The best times I had travelling were with myself.

I avoid groups like the plague, which is why I thought joining this tour would be good for me.

My single-serving friends for this trip are all the outcasts. There's one Arab, and a Japanese dude with durian as his company name.

The Japanese loves durian, nangka, and all manner of aromatic fruits, but he abhors cempedak.

Oh my God. The tour guide is initiating zapin since the band is playing ghazal.

Oh well. When in Rome...