Saturday, July 4, 2009

Tales from the Drunk Side: SDAR

Cheepork called me out for running my mouth about SDAR.

So I am admitting the fact that I was never beaten as bad as he was at SDAR.

I was also never raped, and my "living life in fear " never compared to his "living life in terror".

He was a target. I was not.

Early on, sensing the depicable acts such as rape that pervades the school culture, I sought to develop defence mechanisms against it.

And so, I was never raped. My asshole is still pristine. And I never fucked a guy.

I also never beat up another student. As I was never beaten up that bad.

I stayed invisible for five years. Sleeping and merely going to the library, where I stole some books cause my library card was suspended. I followed some kids who broke into the computer room and got porn.

That was it. I was never part of the 'cool' kids who got beaten up and raped on a regular basis.

I was beaten up when I was in Form 3, when I got in the way of a guy who wanted to rape a junior.

Yep. I was a cockblocker. I ran intervention for a rape, disguised as love and caring shit.

Cheepork got it worse. He was beaten up almost every other month.

I have very little information about the rape. Just stories some people shared with me.

I was one of the geeks. With my books no one understood. Keeping to myself most of the time, cause I don't like sucking cock.

It was like a prison, and I was glad to be past that phase. I'm glad I'm not in high school anymore.

And I'm thankful I escaped with my ass intact. My plan worked. I win!

More later.