Sunday, July 12, 2009

A Solution to Malaysia-Singapore Relations

May I present to you the solution to the problems we have had with our neighbours down south.

This, my fellow countrymen, is Rachel Kum. She is Miss Singapore Universe 2009. And I am Kumming.

Work it, baby, work it!

Booya! The face, and the body that could launch a thousand "SHIIIIIT!"s. The image, beauty-obsessed world is not fair, but how can any of us allow someone as good-looking as that eat shit? I say, give her some water, man. It's a basic human need.

This model recently caused some problems for herself when she posted pictures of her eating a dick-shaped birthday cake on her blog. There are also pictures of her pretending to bite a friend dressed as a giant dick.

She has since taken them down.

A lot of Singaporeans are upset that she such a thing. That cake could ruin her figure.

Well, I have no interest in barging in any of Singapore's issues, but if you guys don't want her, I believe quite a few Malaysians can make some room for Miss Kum. She can have as many dick-shaped cakes as she wants.

Hell, I'll bake her one myself. I can even make a mould.

Man...I wish I was that cake.