Saturday, July 25, 2009

Tapir Hunter: Grave of the Fireflies

I tried, using standard gear, to take pictures of fireflies.

At first, my camera refused to take shots. Any shots.

So I tried changing lenses. On a small, rickety boat. In total darkness.


My boatmates were saying that God does not want me to take photos of fireflies.

I think it has more to do with science and my lack of understanding the gear.

A person from the computer age, I turned my camera off and on again, hoping it was the camera's RAM or Bus being clogged.

SLRs don't have RAMs and Buses.

Then it hit me. The fucking auto-focus! Fuck auto-focus!


So using my Blackberry as a torchlight, I switched to manual focus.

Finally, I was able to take photos.

Try taking pin-points of light in total darkness, with no tripod, on a boat, in total darkness.

All I got were splotches of light. Some photos are a maybe, but no Nat-Geo magazine submissions, I guess.

Some decent shots, but man I had to sweat for every single one.