Sunday, July 19, 2009

Freestyle Association

Kangkong, in English, is 'morning glory', which, when translated lackadaisically, means 'seri pagi', which is a Malay kuih.

It has two layers - one white and another - the one on top - green. The white layer is made up of glutinous rice, and the green one is pandan and rice flour(?).

'Jaket karet' is Bahasa Indonesia for condoms.

I believe the etymology is because 'karet', maybe carrots, is a reference to the shape of a dick.

A cock jacket. Makes sense, I guess.

Cilantro looks like 'daun sup'.

Talking abour carrots, I recently found out that 'carats', with a 'c' is for diamonds. Because of carat seeds, I guess.

'Karats', with a 'K', is for gold. It is the purity of the thing.

Gold is only created at supernovas. Only when a star blows up, since it's fucking stable. So stable, it doesn't react with oxygen, so no oxidisation, hence no rust. Therefore, valuable.

There is an industry in Japan where they buy old electronics and mine it for gold. Because a tonne of electronics yields more gold than a tonne of gold ore. And gold, as well as silver, is used on circuit boards as super-conductors or some shit like that.

Carrots also have beta-carotene. It was the subject of a study recently, in 2006, where it was suggested that beta-carotene raises the risk of cancer by 80++ per cent.

So eat lots of carrots, improve your eyesight, and have cancer?

Condoms, are not that effective. Around 86 per cent for most things. And lower, in some cases.

Chris Rock said, "If AIDS can creep through the skin of your dick, then what about your NUTS?"

Makes sense, I guess. Condoms should include the nuts.

You know what they used as condoms in the old days? Sheeps' intestines and galvanised rubber.

Galvanised rubber is poisonous.

The chewing gum used to be manufactired using rubber. Nowadays, they use a sap from a tree. Jelutong, I think.

Karpal Singh. He should go bald. And say, "Come to me, my X-Men!" And Anwar would come running.

Okay then. Am off to bed now. Am done for the night.