Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Roving, Rambling, Gambling Man

Some people called me up and asked me about other people.

These people are like this. These people are like that.

My response would be, okay, what did you see him do?

What did they write?

And the response would be, "Nothing. Just normal stuff."

People are generally quick to pass judgment. And often prefers following general consensus rather than make up their own minds.

When they do, make up their own minds that is, then they are afraid of being wrong. Or that people don't agree with them.

Everyone's been wrong before. And everyone can't all agree on one issue. It's impossible.

People are individuals who want to combine into one giant entity.

It explains sex - two or more become one? Geddit?

Man, I'm not going to tell people how to think.

I can't wait to fucking travel.

Need to get away from everything, and since my Bangkok trip got cancelled, it would be fucking fantastic to just coast and see some sights.

Or some real cows.