Thursday, July 9, 2009

Flip Floppy Donkey Dick

Of all the flip flop decisions in the world that they could make, the Government has decided once again to screw with the students. Why? Probably because the students can't vote. Yet.


Yeah, talking about the reverse on the PPSMI issue. It's nothing new, really. When I was in high school, they changed the name of Bahasa Malaysia every few months. Bahasa Malaysia. Then, Bahasa Melayu. Bahasa Malaysia again. Bahasa Melayu. We were following this with suspense, because writing in your name and the correct subject title was worth 1 or 2 points. SBP kids like me, we knew exactly how much went into where. That 1 or 2 points could be the difference between credit and distinction. A1 or A2.

And not only that, because of political pressure, they changed grammatical rules and even SPELLING.

How do you spell 'jalanraya' nowadays? They once changed it, on a whim, to 'jalan raya'. 'Keretapi' to 'kereta api'. 'Lebuhraya' to 'lebuh raya'. And then they changed it back again.

Fuck you and your constant state of flux.

While other, more established languages take years - decades, centuries even - to change the spelling of words, all it took for Bahasa Malaysia was a few months. I mean, I don't know if my teachers were shitting me, but it was ridiculous.

Same shit with this reverse on PPSMI.

Allow me to use a Malay thing - proverb, pantoume, saying, whateverthefuck: "Berakit-rakit ke hulu, berenang-renang ke tepian. Bersakit-sakit dahulu, bersenang-senang kemudian."

In this case, the aforementioned traveller is actually 'Berakit-rakit ke hulu, berakit-rakit ke hilir. Berenang-renang ke tengah, berenang-renang ke tepian.'

In other words, 'pi mai pi mai tang tu.'

And if you don't understand Bahasa Malaysia, then fuck off and die. Each Malaysian has learned BM for 11 years each, at the very least. If you can't grasp the fundamentals of a language after learning it for 11 years, you are stupid. Malaysia does not need stupid people like you. Do us a favour. Go home, pack your bags, douse yourself with gasoline and light yourself up on fire.

The kids are now moving in circles. Concentric circles, which will confuse them. If only the Government had enough balls to just make a decision and stick by it. It has only been what, six, seven years? How many billions have been spent on this shit? At the very least, allow one batch to go through and then you can have some data - albeit not that sufficient.

They are going to revert in 2012. Meaning my nephew, in Standard Three right now, can only learn Maths and Science in English till Standard Six or Form One. After that, he will be screwed, as the system undergoes yet another change, just to get more votes in the next election.

A separation of the executive and the judiciary? How about a separation of the executive and education? Get Khoo Kay Kim and Ungku Aziz on the job for education. Let's kick the executive out of schools.

Honestly, I don't give a shit what language they want to teach in. It's the flip-floppy donkey dick of a stand that worries me. Dr M would have simply said, "Fuck off, and fuck all! It's in English, so eat my shorts!" When you make a decision, you can't change it after some pressure groups pressure you. What would the OTHER pressure groups think? Expect more traffic jams as they take to the streets soon.

I just hope the Government sticks with this decision and stop shafting the education system in Malaysia.

Oops. Have to go for my morning meeting.