Thursday, July 23, 2009

If You are a Gorilla, then, It's Yours!

Okay, I'm old.

Apparently, kids nowadays did not watch TV Pendidikan. They never knew Wazata Zain - the Aznil Hj Nawawi of TV Pendidikan.

They never saw that episode on English, about possessive nouns or something. They even had a song!

Is this your coat, or Fauziah's?
Try it on and you will see.

Where is Bong? He's there -
Looking everywhere
And every coat he TRIES
Either is too small
or doesn't fit at all
He can find one his siiiiize!

Is this your coat, or Fauziah's?
Try it on and you will know.

Yes it's your coat
All of you take note.
Put it on and you wiiiiilllll goooo...

They had these jokes, see? Little puns and small jokes.

"That is a gorilla's coat. If you are a gorilla, then, it's yours!"

Man! TV Pendidikan is a national fucking treasure. They should sell DVDs of it, or upload it on Youtube. I'll buy the whole bunch.

And that's not counting Dengarlah Sayang, Alam Ria Cuti Sekolah

A-LAM RI-A Cuti Sekolah!
Blablablablablabla Bersama andaaaaa

And a whole bunch of children's shows.

I guess they also do not remember Shelley Duvall's Fairy Tale Theatre. Or Lois, Sharon and Brams' The Elephant Show.


The Curiosity Shop. The Storyteller.

Of course, I never saw Howdy Doody.