Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Tales from the Drunk Side: Cinque Numero Perfetto

I wait. In the darkness. Like a tyger. No, not a tiger. Tyger.

5asec is cinque-a-sec. Not Five-a-sec, you fucking idiot. And cinque is pronounced 'sonq'. Cause it's fucking Italian.

Machismo prima verde.

What the fuck?

Four limbs and a head. Makes cinque. Said Igort. Is a mafia comics. So...dramatic. So fucking 'oh the drama'.

You wanna take me on, bitch? Suck my dick. I see hypocrisy and I let it slide. Like liquidy thing. Two hydrogens and an oxygen thing. Off a duck's back.

What would Dr M do? Tai chi you back to Timbuktu.

Some people. So...afraid. Of whatever. Hahahaha.

I wanna fuck Rachel Kum. I wanna kum in her kumquats. I want to in-out-in-out without resorting to the old ultra-violence.

The Milk bar sold milk with Kalashnikov. Milk with Dragunov. Milk with Vassily on the Dragunov SVD.

Suck my dick.