Saturday, July 11, 2009

Tales from the Drunk Side: Stop the Presses!

It is with pride that I announce that I am back at The Malay Mail. The Malay Male. Back at The Malay Mail. This is probably the olast time I'm going to write about work in a while.

My first story might be out by Tuesday.

It feels...different. While my last stint felt like a dream, I feel more conscious this time around. control. Of myself.

It also feels right. I loved the paper, and am prepared to love it again. It's been three years since I last printed something on Ted. Text-Editor. Now they have something else, but am prepared to use Word, Open Office or whatever that will get the job done.

You will see a lot of good stuff coming out. Some things will take time. Rome wasn't built in a day, and we're not building Rome. We're building something better. Something that will last more than a thousand years. Oops. More than 1,000 years. House style, motherfucker, house style.

But we'll get there. If anything I've learned from the wilderness that was not The Malay Mail these past three years, it is patience.

I spent 15 months working at Astro. Learning the dynamics, the way TV production works. And for the entirety of the three years, I had my own media company. I have my own media company - present tense, motherfucker. I have written TV and movie scripts. Advertisements and animations and animated features. Coffee table books and many other things. I started off some magazines. I am producing some TV stuff.

When the right time comes, you shall understand. And not a minute before.

I didn't re-join to do the same old shit I did last time. I'd die of boredom. I joined, because of my faith in the future. Of doing the right things. And to cast the shadow of evil to the side and being the way of the magic as well as the power of good.

I see it as the best platform to save the world. Because honestly, truthfully, that is what I was born to do. I am an idealist. So sue me. Other people, the pretenders, might claim to be superheroes. I, am the real deal.

I'll fucking dress up as a bat if it comes to it.

I don't know if I'll fail or if I'll succeed. But at least I'll live as I believe. Whitney Houston, yo!

Things have changed. Omnia mutantor; nihil inherit. Everything changes; nothing is truly lost.

Check back in a year. We'll see if it all happens according to plan.