Monday, July 27, 2009

Tapir Hunter: Mediterranean Fusion

Hibsyi! Hibsyi! Al falafel al Mustapha al hadri kis tanin!

Lakha lakha lakha lakha! Durga durga! Durga durga Muhammad Jihad!

I don't really enjoy Mediterranean food. Just not my plate of hummus.

But the luck of the draw has me in this mediterranean fusion restaurant. So far, the service has been fantastic. Fast and efficient, without intruding my privacy.

I had a gander at the menu. Can't order until the rest of the guests arrive, but I believe I will skip the meatballs.

The last time I had mediterranean meatballs, it tasted like unwashed, fried armpits, if the armpit was that of a sherpa who lives in Malaysia and climbs mountains all day long, and if the armpits never knew the sting of deodorant.

Am fond of hummus, and other things. I just hate the meatballs.

Man. I must be really tired. Chirping away like an old woman.

Now, some of the others have arrived. I suppose we can have a bit of a natter.