Sunday, July 26, 2009

Tapir Hunter: The Islams, Yo!

I just took a bunch of photos at the Islams' museum/gallery thingy.

Oh wait. Taman Seni Islam.

Any of you Islams want to know more about ancient Korans or learn Arabic calligraphy, this is the place to be.

Last night, we reached the hotel at close to 12 midnight. Slept at 2am. Woke up at 6.15am today.

Found out that -thank Asgard! - the departure time has moved forward an hour.

Thank Asgard, cause I forgot to charge the camera's batteries.

Just over an hour with the wall socket is just what it needs.

Am taking pics of people doing Khat - Arabic calligraphy.

The museum/gallery seems active enough, for people interested in the rich cultural heritage of the Islams.

Next - Tapir hunting!

Cor! Blimey! Ta!