Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Mooooving Day! Ooh!

Moooving Day! Yay!

Super Duper Yummy!

And so it begins. I am moving to Bangsar. Damansara Heights is not really my style.
I'm a hip-hop motherfucker, not a Rock Star. Definitely not Punk or Punk'd enough like AKAB to live in Bangsar South.

We iz the shiznit, yo!

As a writer cum producer cum director (both kinds) cum motherfucker, I need a place that suits my style. So this morning, I paid my deposit and am now waiting for the movers to come and take it all away. Am definitely not doing any work today, though I did go for a meeting at 12 noon on the other side of town.

I have lived a nomadic lifestyle for far too long. In the past 11 years, I have stayed at 12 or 13 different places.

Starting with a small room at one of UM's residential colleges to a 900sqft apartment in Pantai Hillpark (with 9 other guys) to a few other Hillpark apartments to squatting at Cheepork's apartment at Bukit Angkasa, back to Hillpark and then off to Cheras and later Bukit Jalil.

Moved to Damansara Heights as a temporary measure and finally, off to Bangsar. Have always made Bangsar an area I can thrive in. I'm like Jack Hawksmoor, the God of the Cities, for Bangsar. Though my demeanour is more like 'The Doctor' Jeroen something-something.

And so am waiting...and waiting. They will come soon and I need to pack all the loose ends. My dishes, mugs, clothes that are lying on the floor, et cetera.

All my books are packed and ready to go. I'm not doing a Prospero.

Not giving up my books, man. No fucking way. People come and go. They grow old, they die. They betray you and chew you and spit you out the floor.

But my books, my comics, have remained with me, faithfully, forever. At least, they'll survive long after I've gone. The acidity of the pages ensuring they will not last for more than 50 years, about the time when newspapers would all probably be obsolete as print. Electronic paper is coming, which may be redundant with all handphones having access to the Internet.

As soon as I can have my PC set up at my new place, with access to the Internet, I'll be fine.

I've got four movies to do still, and quite a few TV series.

ALways been a gambler. We'll see where that leads me.