Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Gainax Bounce

So I am having lunch at Nirwana Maju - my favourite banana leaf place - when a series of good looking women paraded past.

All of them, it seems, have done away with wireframe bras and are wearing either minimal support undergarments or no bras at all.


Cause all of them have the Gainax bounce.

Boing boing!

Oh my Science!

There's a young guy in front of me now and he has a mullet. A fucking mullet!

And his friend is wearing low-ride jeans with Celvin Klain [sic] underwear.

Let's find some boobs.

I turn to the girl on my right.

Me: Do you have boobies?

Girl: What?

Me: Boobs. Tits. Breasts. Funbags. Dirtypillows. Mammaries. Sacks of adipose tissue which converts blood into milk. Tetek. Kopek. Nen nen. Oppai. Buah dada. Do you have them?

Girl: Wow. You got some balls.

Me: No one can resist my Schweaty Balls.



Oh no! A flat-chester grandmother just walked past. I lost my appeTIT for masturbation.