Friday, June 19, 2009

Mammaries of Things to Cum

Tomorrow, some of my friends are going to Bangkok.

I was supposed to join them, but I am staying here.

It's okay. Bangkok will not go anywhere.

More importantly, I need to take care of my own shit.

I am seeing a landlady or an agent tonight. For an apartment in Bangsar.

I also have stuff to do over the weekend. Deadlines to fulfill.

And next week, there's an all important meeting.

And I was promised some cheques on Wednesday.

That should be enough, for a while. For myself and some people working with me on numerous projects.

Tonight, a Friday night, I will be working my ass off.

And next week, I will go see my father in Kuantan and take him for his next doctor's appointment.

Hopefully, everything will be okay.

Furthermore, something is brewing. I hope I can get the first draft.

Something wicked this way comes. Wicked!