Saturday, June 27, 2009

Spice Garden

One of the better exercises for old people would be to maintain a spice garden.

Basil, chives, rosemary, etc.

Upon mooting the idea, my father immediately suggested that we make 10-feet rows on the land and plant them.

Effectively turning the spice garden into a spice field.

He would drive his tractor and spray the plants with chemicals.

Effectively ruining the plans for an all-natural, healthful diet.

So, I said no. We should start with a small, hydroponic project. Or just use the hydroponic containers and fill them with soil.

We will supply the plants.

If my father's green thumb manifests again, he could start supplying the supermarkets with our own Bukit Kuin spices.

The villagers can raise free-range chicken. Farm-fresh eggs.

Hence, the spice project could very well be the answer to:

1. My father's food and exercise concerns, preventing him from doing heavy duty stuff.

2. Start an industry for the poor.

After testing soil conditions, humidity and temperature, we might see a spice industry in Malaysia, for the poor with land.