Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tales from the Drunk Side: Cajun Pawaaarrr!

So here I am, at a pub, drinking yet another pint of Genius juice.

The club is empty, save for a few regulars.

I sip my drink.

Earlier, I realised, too late, that I wore my shirt like Zami Ismail the entire day.

Oh well.

That's the way wind blows.

I have things set for the week. Deadlines again to meet.

I will be responsible for the people working with me. And to my work.

I'll be off to Kuantan again. To handle my father's doctor's appointment.

That would be Thursday. Have meetings on Wednesday. Deadlines, deadlines, deadlines.


Strange story. Karma, maybe?

But I've been paying for my father's medical expenses, right?

So I was in Kuantan, and the NSTP Koop people called up.

Apparently, they have been getting money from me every month for the past few years.

The accumulated amount is close to how much I spent on the medical expenses.

Money comes down from the sky.

I am the power of good and the way of the magic.

There's the procedure he has to go through and hundreds every month for the medication.

But I'll find money. I always find money.

Finding money is not like finding God or some shit like that.

But I've worked hard all these years. There are payments somewhere.

To pay the hospitals, PTPTN and the hookers.

Money is abundant. Money comes down from the sky.