Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Metal Gear Solid Script

First day back in KL.

Went for a meeting in the morning, after sleeping for 12 hours.

Am now having coffee while waiting for the next one.

Blackberry battery is running out, so I better make this quick.

Am trying to establish a standard for scripts which I will call Metal Gear Solid Script.

I think all scripts should be developed using Final Draft or the free Celtx.

Failing that, Open Office. Am writing most of my stuff using Open Office.

Final Draft or Celtx only for final formatting or if the director has access to the software or the plugin/codec.

With various people using various styles and formats for different things, we should have an industry standard.

Oh well. Fuck it. Whatever works.

Mmm... Would there be time for a massage?


I better get more coffee. MOAR!

I just got another call for writing newsletters and a coffee table book.

Will assemble another team soon.

Also contacted a handyman to do some repairs at my old place. Am doing that before getting my deposit from the landlady.

And then, viewing a few apartments over the weekend.

Am moving out of Damansara Heights. It's not posh enough for me.

Am also looking for funds for:

1. My father's treatments and medication

2. A car

3. PTPTN bloodsuckers

4. My own place.

By this time next year, I aim to have enough money to pay for all of these.

Get rich or die trying, bitch.

First thing's first, though. The meeting, and the meeting after that.

And then, work. Work work work.


Machine man!

May God have mercy on man and machine.