Saturday, June 20, 2009


First PC I ever used was a 386. I don't know the specs, cause I only used it to play Karateka. I was 10, which is by today's standards quite late to get into the thing. My nephew played Counterstrike when he was six years old, and I've seen web design competitions for 12 year olds with the entries lightyears ahead of today's so-called experts.

First PC in my home was my brother's, a 486 machine complete with a dot matrix printer. I played an A-10 'Warthog' Tank Killer simulation on that machine.

In 1996, my father decided to jump on the computer bandwagon. So he bought a Pentium-S CPU machine (133 MHz processor) with 16MB EDO RAM, a 2GB harddisk and a 14.4 kbps modem.

And so, I was online since 1996. Though I did look for porn on the school computer in 1994.

Anyway, that Pentium-S machine, got me porn, man. And even though it would take three hours to download a 30 second RealPlayer clip, I went and made sure I got the shit. At 14.4kbps, the most it could do was download pictures, but I managed. Porn, finds a way.

In 1999, I asked for funds to buy my own computer. My brother helped out and I got a Pentium III 833MHz CPU with 20GB harddisk and I can't remember the RAM.

No Internet, man. Just a computer.

I used that machine for four years. Even installed Lightwave 3D on it and made some 3D movies.

Eventually, I cannibalised my friend's PC and upgraded my computer to a Pentium 4 machine with a flatscreen monitor. Even had to buy a new power supply cause the PS433 motherboard needed more juice.

Right now, I upgraded my PC to have 4GB of RAM and is now using a dual-core processor.

I am thinking of getting a new machine, later this year. Maybe after Raya.

I mean, my speakers are eight years old. Need a new one. Am also thinking of going quad-core, and seeing how much RAM I can slot into a new motherboard. Probably 1TB hard drive.

Using a PC has been good to me cause I only upgrade as and when I need it. If I had used a Mac, I would have to suck cock just to buy a stupid fucking keyboard.

PCs have lots of USB ports. Mine has six, or eight. Two in front, and more at the back. I have an AGP slot for graphics, and this motherboard also has the backwards compatible PCI slots, meaning I can still use my old sound cards and network cards.

It is also quite robust.

Pissed off at Norton Antivirus, I used this computer without any virus protection for three years. I scanned it a couple of years ago and voila - 10,000 viruses detected.

A dead end Mac user would have panicked, screamed, and jumped off a building. It's all right now, and have gone through scans from three different anti virus softwares.

The next step would be a quad core machine, with maximum RAM. 1 or 2 TB hard drive. A DVD drive, state of the art graphics and sound cards - cause I want to start doing movies on my PC.

And I want to switch to a Linux system.

Been trying out Open Office and Celtx on my laptop and it works well. No frills, but it delivers. Also installed this machine with Ubuntu, which to me seems more stable and simpler to use.

Also need two monitors, firewire support and hopefully it can transform into a robot.

New speakers, man. I have been using Cambridge Soundworks for eight years because I prefer the sound quality to the fancy schmancy Altec Lansing which breaks down after three weeks.

My PC has always been like the Millenium Falcon. It's ugly, patched up, but it's great for people who know what to do with it.

In a few months, I'll have a new computer for video editing and I'll show you how much better it can be without resorting to Apple's overpriced, gimmicky gay bullshit.

I'll never use a Mac unless it's free.