Monday, June 22, 2009

Drop My Water Face Only

Some people ask me why I didn't go to Indonesia for my...trips.

Truth be told, I am intrigued. But...I am quite embarrassed.

Nirmala Bonat. Manohara.

And the way some people treat Indonesians here makes me embarrassed.

I mean, just like Mohd Mohd Taib, they're HUMAN BEINGS!

Sure, some rogues go and rob and kill Malaysians. But that's no reason to treat all of them like animals.

And most importantly, drop my water face only.


For God's sake, don't iron anyone's nipples off, okay?

Pay them their wages. Lest one day you have to be a maid at a rich Indonesian's house.

I know these are isolated cases. But they can be blown to major media shit things.

And again, drop my water face only.