Saturday, June 6, 2009

Tales from the Drunk Side: Round the Twist

Read here. And here.

Apparently, some jerkwad allegedly busted up some 72-year-old dude.

The car, allegedly a green Toyota Avanza, had a registration plate which allegedly bore the letters and numbers WRW 8402.

Meanwhile, in other news, I am probably moving out again. Damansara Heights is not good enough for me.

My business is growing, and I am pulling even more people in. Partly because it is growing exponentionally, and partly because I will fade into a more backseat role in the coming months.

I wrote, am currently writing or co-writing several movies already and by this time next year, a lot more people will know my name and my work. It's time to let others shine as well. I've had my turn. And I also want to explore other forms of writing and scriptwriting. Editing scripts, for instance. Or be that guy who gives ideas and lets other people do the work, making some changes here and there, suggesting some shit.

It's tough work and the responsibilities would be huge. I would be dealing with other people's work. But I had great teachers. Only way I can grow is to do it as I see fit, and learn from the successes and failures.

I am doing it now. Wreaked havoc on the imbalance in quality and speed. But it will get better. The potential for some people to grow are amazing. I have faith and confidence in the team I am assembling. One may even be ready for promotion to take over a lot of my responsibilities, with me keeping a sharp eye out for his back. And the work.

On another front, I might be working on another thing soon. Real soon. But not before several hundred posts are done here.

I am going to try and build this country up, the way I know how, and the way I want to. Since I'm going to live in it, I share some sort of responsibility to ensure that it is, in the end, a nice place to be in. For all....most everybody. Almost everybody. We don't need child molesters and backstabbers in our community.

Not on my watch, you son of a bitch.

For that, I would need funds to stay alive. And to pay PTPTN. In the end, I will pay those whom I owe stuff to, and those who owe me will pay.

Politics won't work on me, because I am a barbarian.

Right now, I'm just busy doing my shit, before I go to sleep. Soon. It's been an extremely busy and eventful week. Busy in a good way. I need some rest. A brief respite before I take on...NEXT WEEK. WHich promises to be even more challenging.

Am I scared? Well, if I was, I won't be here for 11 years.