Sunday, June 7, 2009

Making a Name for Myself

Names, they can have power.

Kalimullah, in Arabic, means either the Pen of God or the Word of God. And for a time, he was the word of a certain God. Head of NSTP.

Dr M was not named after Dr Manhattan, but it's close. And in this comical world of Malaysian politics, Dr M does play Jon Osterman's role well. Detached from humanity, reaching heights not many could even conceive. Holding the power to either create or destroy.

I have met a lot of friends whose names begin with Fakhrul, Fakar or variations of. Most turned out to be fuckers. With many exceptions, I hastily add.

And since everything is about me, here goes:

My own name means is further proof that I am a superhero. Depending on how it's spelled. The 'A' in Amir is spelled with an 'ain', which most Westerners find difficult to pronounce. If it's another letter, then it is something else.

Hence, Amir means 'Strongest Dick in the Universe'.

Meanwhile the 'z' in Hafizi is either a dzo or a zai. My preference is the zai. Because it turns the word 'hafidz', for 'scholar', to 'Hafizi' or Galactus - The Devourer of Worlds.

Combining the two, you have:

Galactus - The Devourer of Worlds, Who also Has the Strongest Dick in the World and Would Remain Hard Even After Two or Three, Nay, Even After Four Ejaculations. A Dick That Can Even Slice an Engine Block in Twaine.

Just call me Amir. Or God.

Man, I am so cool.

If ever I get the chance to name anyone, I would suggest the extremely cool Azazel. Azazel was the name of the angel who refused to bow down to Adam and was later cast off from heaven, swearing vengeance on all of mankind.

That, or Lucifer. Lucifer is such a cool name.