Thursday, June 4, 2009

Muck Speed

Meetings since morning.

One at 10am, another at 1.30pm. This is another one at 3.30pm.

Funny thing was, I had to cart along my dirty laundry with me.

Wanted to send it to a shop in Bangsar, but they charge per piece, and it's fucking expensive.

I don't mind giving extra for good service, but never to extortionists.

Contortionists, definitely. Extortionists, no.

So here I am, at the pretiguous Parkroyal KLix Lounge, drinking a pint, in my flip flops with my backpack and a huge, indiscreet white laundry bag on a seat next to mine.

I am running things as if an asteroid is about to hit tomorrow and I need to settle everything today. Today!


The world may not be in step with me. You have to catch the rhythm, man.

I do know that if I were to release all restraints and work and push everything to my tempo, not many can keep up.

Even I may not be able to keep up with myself.

Imagine if I have two million ringgit.

With no worries about money, I can go even faster, breaking work barriers.

Man, I wish I have more than two million ringgits.