Saturday, June 13, 2009

Low Cholesterol Strategy

First, reduce all oils in cooking.

Take out the fat in everything.

Replace milk with soy milk.

For cooking oil, take out palm and other types. Use only olive oil or corn oil.

Sunflower oil is okay, but is usually mixed with canola.

Problem is if the boiling temperatures of canola and sunflower oil are different.

Olive oil is the best. However, you can't heat it for long. So stir-fry only.

Psyllium husk can reduce cholesterol.

Calcium is also a good element in reducing cholesterol.

A major strategy is to replace rice with oats.

Oat reduces cholesterol and blood pressure.

The challenge is to make it less boring.

Adding more liquid to oat makes it a watery gruel.

That gruel can be eaten with other dishes, just like porridge.

Also, almonds and other healthful nuts.

Am looking at blueberries and hydrangeas for their anti-oxidant qualities. And weighing in the berries' sugar.

Decimate the sodium!

Less salt for everything.