Monday, June 8, 2009

When It Rains

I am currently at a mamak restaurant in Bangsar. Doing some work on my laptop. Why? Cause my Damansara Heights house has no electricity. In fact, the whole neighbourhood had the electricity cut off.

I had just got home, sat down with a drink, writing some stuff - a ghost story nonetheless - and suddenly the lights went out.

Then I spent several sweaty moments on my Blackberry, insulting some people. Eventually, I decided to head out and do shit here, in Bangsar.

Thank God the motorised autogate system had its own power thing. I had to get out before it got worse.

To make things worse, my Blackberry now has a faulty keyboard. Every time I type 'R', 'uo' would come out.

So if I were to write a pirate script, the character would be saying 'Auouououououou!' instead of 'Arrrrrrrrr!'

I was pissed off, but am now making good time on my scripts. If the electricity is on by tomorrow morning, I will be able to send everything by mid-afternoon.

I'm not going to let a mere blackout stop my working on shit.