Monday, June 8, 2009


So I finished a mountain of work today...only to discover before passing out, that I couldn't find my wallet.

I searched high and low, and even dove into the garbage bags. To no avail.

So I went into the courtyard, sank to my knees, raised my hands to the heavens and cried, "WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY?"

Well, actually, I'd have loved to. But experience in misplacing things taught me that:

1. It will turn up at the last place I would be looking for it, so I should look for it there first.

2. All missing things will reveal themselves after you have calmed down and slept it off.

And so I slept. And dreamed uneasy dreams where my wallet was drowning. And I couldn't save it. Because I was trapped in a wet oil painting. DAMN YOU LEONARDO!

So I woke up, went down to my computer, sat on the chair, swiveled it and reached, almost naturally, under a seat cushion. And there it was. My wallet.

To celebrate, I have ordered pizza. If you aren in the Damansara Heights vicinity, come and join the homecoming party. I got loads of food.